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anonymous created an issue

I have started with a fresh checkout of SimFactory and am using 'sim setup' to setup my local machine. In doing so, I have encountered a couple of issues:

  1. If I choose to "Update keys for a specific machine", then it continually asks me for a key name and value. It is not clear how to end this process. I guessed that just pressing enter when asked for a key name would work and it seems to have. It would be good to make this clearer, though.

  2. After updating keys for a specific machine, I am prompted to update keys for a specific machine again. If I enter "yes", I am given the Continue prompt a second time and must enter "yes" again.

  3. After the above process, the prompt to Save contents is shown twice.

  4. The setup of the new local machine entry is automated, but not sufficient to actually use. For example, the basedir entry points to /home/@USER/simulations which doesn't necessarily exist (on OSX, for example). Maybe there should be either a message saying to edit the new machine file or an interactive setup process?


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  1. Barry Wardell
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    Another related issue:

    5. The machine entry generic.ini which is used by sim setup is missing the memory entry which is required by sim submit. Given that there is no 'generic' memory size, is it better to remove the requirement from sim submit?

  2. anonymous reporter
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    I've spiffed up sim setup and addressed all the issues in this. I've made memory not required for sim submit as well. it will default to value of 512.


  3. Erik Schnetter
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    What do you mean by "I've made memory not required for sim submit"? The submit command never required a memory amount to be specified. Also, a default value of 512 may not be a good idea -- a default of 0 may be better.

  4. anonymous reporter
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    Previously, the sim submit command looked for the existence of the memory key via simlib.VerifyKeys. I no longer do this. That's what I mean. This whole process of verifying the existence of keys will change when capabilities are fully implemented. I've updated the default value to 0.

  5. Barry Wardell
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    Thanks. I've tested the updated version. Issues 2, 3, 5 are now fixed. Issue 1 is still present, but I think I can live with it.

    Issue 4 has been partially fixed by setting basedir to be the user's home directory. However, I think this isn't what most people will want to set as their basedir. Would it make sense to have a prompt for this?

    In addition, I've noticed a couple of other issues with sim setup:

    6. After I set options for a specific machine it prompts me if I want to set them for another machine. If I specify 'y' for this second machine, it does not bring me to the machine options setup but instead prompts me to save the file 7. The Y/N prompt for machine setup should accept only y or n and their logical variants. At the moment it seems that anything that doesn't match the default is interpreted as the non-default. 8. If I run sim setup once and don't enter an email address, I am not able to run sim setup again. It reports the error: "Error: specified value for key email does not match converted pattern .+"

  6. anonymous reporter
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    Thanks for the input Barry. Issue 1 not working has been corrected -- I just missed it on the list the first time. Issues 6, 7 have also been addressed. For issue 8, sim setup now uses whatever you enter for the username as the default value for the email address if no other reasonable default is found. This way it'll never be blank.

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