TRAC frequently logs users out

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Issue #328 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

There seems to be some mechanism which is automatically logging users out of TRAC. This means that they end up posting as "anonymous" because they don't realise they are logged out. Probably there is a session cookie which expires or something.

To avoid this, we could either try to change the logout (I would be happy if the automatic logout was just disabled completely), or make it much more obvious when you are not logged in.


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  1. anonymous
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    Does your browser maybe forget cookies when closed? That is sometimes the default for some browsers.

  2. Frank Löffler
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    Ian: This doesn't happen to me. Can you check that your browser doesn't delete cookies when closed or similar?

  3. Ian Hinder reporter
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    It does not. The previous poster posted as anonymous - was this because of the same issue (coincidentally) or does that user not have an account?

  4. Frank Löffler
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    No, that was me, and I delete cookies from time to time - so that's ok in this case. Since I cannot reproduce the problem: can you try to find out when your browser forgets the login information? It's apparently not after a simple quit, but maybe always after some time? As far as I can see from the trac config, the cookie lifetime should be 90 days, and if I lookup the cookie in my browser it's currently valid until June 7th, so that seems to work at least on my end. Can you lookup the cookie information in your browser to see what it gives as livetime?

  5. Frank Löffler
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    Can we close this ticket? Is this still an issue? Could you look up the lifetime information in your browser?

  6. Ian Hinder reporter
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    It hasn't happened to me in a while. I have two cookies - trac_auth and trac_form_token. trac_auth expires in a couple of months from now, trac_form_token doesn't have an expiry date. Let's close the ticket - I'll reopen it if it happens again.

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