SimFactory does not abort if it has been given a nonexistent optionlist

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Issue #331 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

If I specify a nonexistent optionlist in a machine's .ini file, I get the warning

Info: optionlist is: None Warning: no option list specified, using blank option list

This is incorrect. I have specified an optionlist, but it has not been found, which indicates an error. In this case I would expect a fatal error.


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  1. Ian Hinder reporter
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    I just ran into this again with the latest version of simfactory. I thought it would be easy to fix, but it seems like the offending code in is more opaque than I thought. The "optionlist" variable, by the time we have got to the error message, contains "None", rather than the specified optionlist name (the file which does not exist). So I can't check for a nonexistent file and abort with a fatal error.

  2. Erik Schnetter
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    The problem seems to be in, function GetCactusFile, in the last if statement

    if not(os.path.exists(ff)):

    This routine obtains a configuration file (e.g. an option list), and takes an argument that specifies whether this file is required to be present or not. If it is required, it outputs an error message if the file is not found, if not, it fails gracefully and returns None. In our case, an option list is not required, hence None is returned.

    I believe the logic in this if statement is wrong. If a file name is specified, this file name should be returned no matter what. An additional test may be performed (to see whether the file exists), or an error message may be output, but the specified option should never be ignored and None returned.

    Notice that the routine contains some duplication; e.g. the search logic to find the file is repeated twice, first for a user option that can override the MDB entry, and then for an MDB entry.

    I believe the correction should be to remove the "else: ff=None" in the last if statement, and possibly also the "if required:". The latter would make both failure paths (for user options and MDB entries) the same.

    A cleanup of this routine may also be helpful.

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