Error when building HDF5 utilities - No rule to make target h5fc

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Issue #335 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

When compiling Cactus on Mac OS using HDF5 provided by fink, compilation of the Cactus executable succeeds, but one of the utilities fails to build.

Building utilities for sim2 Copying gif2h5 from /sw/bin/gif2h5 to /Users/ian/Cactus/llama/exe/sim2 Copying h52gif from /sw/bin/h52gif to /Users/ian/Cactus/llama/exe/sim2 Copying h5c++ from /sw/bin/h5c++ to /Users/ian/Cactus/llama/exe/sim2 Copying h5cc from /sw/bin/h5cc to /Users/ian/Cactus/llama/exe/sim2 Copying h5copy from /sw/bin/h5copy to /Users/ian/Cactus/llama/exe/sim2 Copying h5debug from /sw/bin/h5debug to /Users/ian/Cactus/llama/exe/sim2 Copying h5diff from /sw/bin/h5diff to /Users/ian/Cactus/llama/exe/sim2 make[1]: No rule to make target /Users/ian/Cactus/llama/exe/sim2/h5fc', needed byutils'. Stop. make[1]: Waiting for unfinished jobs.... Copying h5dump from /sw/bin/h5dump to /Users/ian/Cactus/llama/exe/sim2 make: *** [sim2-utils] Error 2

There is no h5fc installed on the system. I have not yet figured out why it would not be installed by fink.

Keyword: HDF5

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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    h5fc is a Fortran compiler wrappers. We don't need the compiler wrappers since we don't expect to use them with Cactus -- Cactus has its own build system.

    I have disabled the compiler wrappers.

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