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Erik Schnetter created an issue

When the thorn list changes, then I have to run GetComponents --update twice: first to update the thorn list, and then to actually check out these thorns. Currently, I have to update all thorns twice, which is a waste of time.

Ideally, GetComponents would first update the thorn list, then update itself, then update everything else, and thus perform three passes over the thorn list, but not perform the work three times. Can we achieve this somehow? For example, we could mark the CRL script and the thorn lists with special tags, and GetComponents would then perform the work in three stages, restarting in between.


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  1. Eric Seidel

    This is an interesting problem, especially now that GetComponents will store the last thornlist used. Perhaps we should add a !List_Url directive that will allow GetComponents to check for new versions of the thornlist without running svn update (we're also not guaranteed that the thornlist itself will be checked out). Perhaps we could do something similar with GetComponents itself.

  2. Ian Hinder
    • removed milestone
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    This will not be implemented in time for the release. Removing milestone.

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