What happened to the citation link on the ET website?

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Issue #391 closed
Bruno Mundim created an issue

The citation link on the ET website has vanished from the navigation side bar without any log message. I don't think this kind of changes follows any kind of best practices manual. We can't simply change the ET main webpage and not leave a good message of what has been changed.

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  1. Frank Löffler
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    The menu is currently re-structured and I think what happened is simply that it temporarily got deleted. I agree that this should not happen, and the link will appear again. Rest assured that we don't intent to change anything in regard to the licensing/citing rules.

  2. Bruno Mundim reporter
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    Ok, thanks! Maybe we should adopt the practice of atomic commits (unless previously agreed on big commit changes). It would make it easier to track down bugs and log messages would be more informative than simply "fix bug" or "restructured website". What do you think?

  3. Ian Hinder
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    I agree. In practice, people usually make several changes before committing. This is much easier to implement in practice if you have an SVN client which allows you to select individual lines to be committed. I do not know of such a client for Mac OS or Linux, but perhaps one exists. With Git I use GitX on Mac OS which does this very well. In the absence of this feature, the best way is to rename the file in question, restore the master copy from the repository, and then use a diff program to selectively move diffs into the master version and commit them one by one (with good commit messages!). I also find it useful to prefix the commit message with the name of the file being modified, as this is not always obvious without looking at the full diff.

  4. anonymous
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    Let's not go overboard with this... Our main problem is currently that we have too few people willing to improve the code and the web site. Adding additional administrative burdens won't help. Mistakes will happen, and with svn we can easily go back in time to correct them. There is not much point in splitting up individual commits unless these are also individually tested.

    If you have a good svn client, then you can easily compare different revisions, and you quickly see which files have been changed/added/removed. I recommend SmartSVN for the Mac.

  5. Ian Hinder
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    Please can the citation page come back? I just had a question about where it had gone.

  6. Bruno Mundim reporter
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    Why call it licenses when it is indeed a citation link? We are not talking about GPL licenses there, are we?

  7. Frank Löffler
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    I added this to the name of the link now. I think the idea is that we will add some general text about licenses within the toolkit here as well, later.

  8. Erik Schnetter
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    Instead of "citations/licensing", the name should be "Citing" (not citations), and since we don't speak about licences at all, we should not give that impression in the link. We can add "Licensing" once we speak about licences, or put "Licensing" as a comment into the html code.

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