Spurious warnings while synchronising

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Erik Schnetter created an issue

I receive many warnings such as the ones below when using GRHydro with the git version of Carpet:

WARNING level 2 in thorn Carpet processor 0 host erik-schnetters-macbook-pro.local (line 120 of /Users/eschnett/EinsteinToolkit-vanilla/arrangements/Carpet/Carpet/src/Comm.cc): -> Cannot synchronise group "HYDROBASE::BVEC" because it has no storage

I assume that this slows down execution significantly.


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  1. Frank Löffler
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    The hg version contains this changeset:

    changeset: 3225:517449a54b9e user: Erik Schnetter <schnetter@cct.lsu.edu> date: Wed Dec 22 20:37:26 2010 -0600 summary: Carpet: Increase warning level for synchronising groups without storage

    diff -r fc5e70ea5846 -r 517449a54b9e Carpet/Carpet/src/Comm.cc --- a/Carpet/Carpet/src/Comm.cc Wed Dec 22 20:36:24 2010 -0600 +++ b/Carpet/Carpet/src/Comm.cc Wed Dec 22 20:37:26 2010 -0600 @@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ }

    if (not CCTK_QueryGroupStorageI (cctkGH, g)) { - CCTK_VWarn (2, LINE, FILE, CCTK_THORNSTRING, + CCTK_VWarn (4, LINE, FILE, CCTK_THORNSTRING, "Cannot synchronise group \"%s\" because it has no storage", groupname); retval = -1;

    A similar patch should probably be applied to the git version as well, and I would approve this even before the release.

  2. Erik Schnetter reporter
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    I suggest to apply this. There is very little danger, and without this change, it is impossible to use -L2 or higher with the Einstein Toolkit.

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