CarpetIOHDF5 may segfault when one_file_per_group is selected

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Issue #410 closed
Bruno Mundim created an issue

I was facing one of those cryptic MPI error messages on Ranger, where your job quits without any useful error message. It turns out that this parameter file had

CarpetIOHDF5::one_file_per_group = "yes" CarpetIOHDF5::out2D_vars = " ADMBase::gxx"

and CarpetIOHDF5 would try to loop over the group variables when just one of them was selected. As a result it has accessed memory address that it was not supposed to, consequently killing the job.

I have attached the stack back trace.

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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    The corresponding code in, which outputs data that are not slices, uses the same algorithm. However, it contains an additional check ensuring that a default request is used if the corresponding request does not exist. Look for calls to IOUtil_DefaultIORequest to find this code. I believe that an equivalent logic would correct this problem in

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