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Ian Hinder created an issue

I think it would be useful to attach short descriptive text to a simulation when it is created so that the user can go back to a simulation much later and see what it was for. At the moment, we only have the parameter file and the Formaline source.

I'm thinking of something similar to VCS commit messages. For example:

sim create-submit -m "Wave test - try better initial data" par/wavetest_3.par 32 1:00:00

If the user wants it, they could set an option to *require* a description for every simulation, in which case omitting one could give an editor prompt like in svn, git, etc, and the possibility of more than one line in the description becomes available. I would find this extremely convenient. The description could be given in the output of list-simulations, which might help when purging old simulations. The first line of the description could be expanded into cctk_run_title in the parameter file (I'm not sure what uses this parameter, but maybe it's useful).


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