File name '' is excluded from rsync

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Issue #49 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

When I rsync from my notebook to numrel02, simfactory constructs the following command:

Executing: /bin/bash -c "{ :; } && rsync --rsh='ssh ' --rsync-path=/usr/local/packages/numrel/rsync-3.0.7/bin/rsync --archive --hard-links --sparse --verbose --progress --partial --stats --compress --delete --delete-excluded --filter 'protect .pyc' --exclude '_darcs' --exclude 'CVS' --exclude 'doxygen' --exclude '.#' --exclude '.DS_Store' --exclude '.git' --exclude '.hg' --exclude '.svn' --exclude '~' --exclude '.pyc' --exclude '' CONTRIBUTORS COPYRIGHT Makefile arrangements lib repos simfactory src cactus.config perl-simfactory"

This contains the option --exclude '', which seems as if it should not be there.


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  1. anonymous
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    I was unable to reproduce, but I assume it was because a blank line got added to the rsync-excludes list. I've added checking to make sure that the length of the excluded file is > 0 before adding it.

    Please test and close if you no longer see this behavior.

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