McLachlan doesn't check metric_type

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Erik Schnetter created an issue

McLachlan doesn't check the metric type, which needs to be "physical". A static conformal factor is not supported.


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  1. Erik Schnetter reporter
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    Actually, McLachlan should check the grid scalar conformal_state, not the parameter metric_type.

  2. Frank Löffler
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    In general: who is using a static conformal factor these days? If nobody really, I suggest to mark this depreciated for the next release and remove it for the one following that.

  3. Erik Schnetter reporter
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    It is used in current example parameter files, and mostly unsuspecting people will trip over it. We could mark it as deprecated, but would then need to update these examples (and possibly test cases).

  4. Ian Hinder
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    I certainly wouldn't put any effort into making McLachlan know about this. Instead spend the time on updating the test cases.

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