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Ian Hinder created an issue

SimFactory has an option --verbose which defaults to True. This has been useful while SimFactory was in heavy development and there were frequent problems and errors where the extra information provided by --verbose gave useful context to debugging.

Now that SimFactory is in regular production use with fewer problems, and the plan is to make it the default for the Einstein Toolkit, I propose to change the verbosity to False. This makes the tool appear less intimidating for new users and leads to an overall smoother, slicker experience. All information should be available in the simulation log file for debugging purposes if required.

The attached patch implements this. There are still some messages which are output anyway, and these will need to be addressed one by one. Also, the --verbose setting does not appear to propagate across remote invocations of simfactory. But these are separate from the decision to make --no-verbose the default.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    The documentation needs to be updated, including the FAQ. Since this change is very use visible and affects debugging, it should also be announced on the Cactus mailing list, and we need to make sure it is mentioned in the release notes.

    We could also check for SILENT in the Makefile and output an error message if it has been set, or we could set VERBOSE (if it is not set) from SILENT (if it is set), so that we remain backward compatible for some time.

    Some other thorns may check the value of SILENT; I know that e.g. Formaline does. These thorns need to be updated, unless we keep a variable SILENT around for compatibility.

  2. Roland Haas
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    This was resolved in r1426 on 2011-08-17. Simfactory's --verbose option never affected Cactus's Makefile's VERBOSE or SILENT options. There is a TODO for it to do so but nothing has been done towards it.

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