Test WeylScal4/teukolskyID is failing

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Issue #521 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

The !WeylScal4/teukolskyID test case run on 08-Aug-2011 failed.


The errors are related to nontrivial changes in Psi4:


This is likely related to changeset:"62/ADMBase" committed as a result of #333.

User: hinder Date: 2011/08/17 05:07 PM Modified: /trunk/ interface.ccl /trunk/src/ !InitSymBound.c Log: Apply "flat" boundary condition instead of "none" to ADMBase variables In the development version of Carpet, only the interior of the newly created grid is initialized by interpolation, so non-trivial boundary conditions need to be applied.

I don't know whether the old or the new results are correct. The failure happens with the stable version of Carpet (the test has always failed with the development version).

Keyword: WeylScal4
Keyword: testsuite

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  1. Roland Haas
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    Both are correct. The test results _have_ to change and change the way one would expect and where one woudl expect. The testsuite data was regenerated. For the evolving test see #594 (and today's WeylScal4 commit).

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