Problem with adding/removing configuration.ccl files

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Issue #531 resolved
Erik Schnetter created an issue

Cactus doesn't handle well adding or removing configuration.ccl files. When a new configuration.ccl file is added, Cactus ignores it until the next "rebuild" (i.e. until another ccl file changes, until the thorn list changes, or until the user calls *-rebuild explicitly). When a configuration.ccl file is removed, make aborts with an error message, and a rebuild is forced.

One way to remedy this would be to have (empty) configuration.ccl file in all thorns. After all, param.ccl and schedule.ccl files also need to be present even if they are empty. This would also remove a bit of complex logic from the Cactus make system.


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    Why can the CST not just depend on all the present CCL files? Then if a new one is created, it will have a later timestamp than the CST marker file (whichever that is), and the CST will be rerun?

  2. Erik Schnetter reporter
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    That may be possible by using shell wildcard characters in the dependencies, e.g.

    <timestamp>: *.ccl or

    CCLFILES = $(wildcard *.ccl)

  3. Roland Haas

    The pull request does two things (in separate commits):

    • use $(wildcard configuration.ccl) to add a dependency on configuration.ccl when it comes into existence
    • when it is detected that configurarion.ccl vanished, force make to re-run CST by removing make.thornlist which makes it re-evaluate the current Makefile’s goals

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