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Issue #54 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

I submitted a job for a simulation which already existed. This lead to the following output, where there is an error message about "mkdir". Even though there is an error, simfactory proceeds (it probably shouldn't). In this case, however, I assume that the error is benign because the directory existed before, and thus the error message should not be shown at all.

$ ./simfactory/sim submit par/static_tov.par --procs=24 --walltime=4:0:0 --num-threads=4 sim: manage and submit cactus jobs

defs: /nics/a/proj/cactus/eschnett/xt5/EinsteinToolkit-hg/simfactory/etc/defs.ini defs.local: /nics/a/proj/cactus/eschnett/xt5/EinsteinToolkit-hg/simfactory/etc/defs.local.ini

Cactus Directory: /nics/a/proj/cactus/eschnett/xt5/EinsteinToolkit-hg SimEnvironment.COMMAND: submit Executing command: submit Parfile: par/static_tov.par [log] Assigned restart_id of: 0001 [log] Found the following restart_ids: [0] [log] Maximum restart id determined to be: 0000 [log] Determined submit restart id: 1 writing to internalDir: /lustre/scratch/eschnett/simulations/static_tov/output-0001/SIMFACTORY writing to: /lustre/scratch/eschnett/simulations/static_tov/output-0001/SIMFACTORY/PreparedSubmitScript mkdir: cannot create directory `/lustre/scratch/@USER@': Permission denied Executing submit command: /opt/torque/2.3.5/bin/qsub /lustre/scratch/eschnett/simulations/static_tov/output-0001/SIMFACTORY/PreparedSubmitScript Submit finished, job id is 788131.nid00016


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    this error actually popped up because it wasn't performing macro (@USER@, etc) substitution on scratchdir. This has been fixed, and this message shouldn't pop up anymore. I've added more error checking if it can't make the scratch directory.

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