include header files for prototypes of getpid, sched_getaffinity etc.

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Issue #555 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

three small patches that include header files or make prototypes in header files visible or avoid instantiating a template both explicitly and implicitly in Carpet.

All three are required to get PGI to compile !Carpet/Hg (plus a change to loopcontrol.c which should not be required and seems to be due to a compiler deficiency when handling OpenMP).

The first two actually make the code use fewer implicit declarations of functions, while the last one (#define NO_COMPLEX) [a] makes the code more systematic and [b] might actually avoid some implementation defined behaviour (though I am really not familiar enough with C++ templates to know).

Unless there are objections I will apply these sometime near the end of the week (Friday or so).


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    Did we decide it was OK to use _GNU_SOURCE in Carpet?

    Other than that, the patches look fine. Please apply.

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