Default configuration name cannot be overridden by the user

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Issue #58 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue


default-configuration-name = sim2

in the [default] section of defs.local.ini uses the "sim" configuration instead of my new default. Specifying it above the [default] section gives the error

Error when attempting to merge udb config key default-configuration-name: configuration key default-configuration-name is internally not a list

What is the difference between keys which appear before [default] and in the [default] machine section?


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    The [default] section is for keys that apply to all machines in the mdb, e.g. specifying a user name or an email address. Global settings (outside [default]) apply to values that are not associated with a particular machine, such as the default configuration name, or the list of directories to be synchronised.

  2. anonymous
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    This bug has been fixed. Specifying

    default-configuration-name = sim2

    • above* [default] (in the global namespace) now correctly works.
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