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Issue #612 closed
Bruno Giacomazzo created an issue

The script CarpetIOASCII/src/util/ (it is the same both in the git and hg versions of Carpet) is not working anymore. I modified it in order to be able again to produce different output for the different refinement levels and now it can also work with more than 9 refinement levels. I have attached my version and the diff with the version in the repository.

The only problem is that it still doesn't know how to remove ghost points, so the output files may contain duplicated points. Im my parfile I'm using CarpetIOASCII::out3D_ghosts = "no" and consequently I don't have any problem. But if you have ghostpoints in your .asc files, you may see duplicated points in the output produced by the script.

Keyword: Carpet2ygraph

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  1. Ian Hinder
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    Why did the script stop working? Was it a change to the script or a change to the output format? Why was there a change in the output format? I think Erik's comment was intended as "please commit", but I'm not sure. I think the change should be committed assuming it works and the old one doesn't. A question: does the new script work with the old output?

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