SimFactory should not require the user to configure an email address

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Issue #622 new
Ian Hinder created an issue

If I try to run "sim build" without configuring simfactory, it reports "Error: required key email in section pelican is missing". Note that I am not running on pelican - it's probably just the first machine that it checks. Not only is the error message very confusing, I should not need to specify an email address to run simfactory (and certainly not for all machines - why is this even a machine-specific option?). I realise that there is the sim setup command, but I don't see the point. simfactory should not have to be spoon-fed information that is either unnecessary or easy to determine. The email address is only used, as far as I know, in job submission scripts. If the email address is not provided, it should be at job submission time that this is reported.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    The file defs.loca.ini.sample configures a default email address. Do you configure a default email address in your defs.local.ini?

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