Configuring on Kraken leads to warnings

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Issue #628 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

Using current simfactory to build on Kraken leads to the following warning during configuration:

This is probably a Cray XT4 series system.
Using known-architectures xt4-cray-linux
This is an Cray XT4:  you always need MPI!
  Forcing MPI to NATIVE.
Unknown Linux f90 compiler.
Please add appropriate information to
and send the updated file to CactusMaint
We will try anyway ...

Cactus should learn about this system.


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  1. Ian Hinder reporter
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    I no longer have access to this system, so I can't check. Unless the known_architectures file has been updated, I don't see why it would not still be a problem.

  2. Erik Schnetter
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    It has been updated; Kraken is now treated as a regular Linux system (which it is).

    Please re-open if you still see the warning.

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