Change default of VECTORISE_INLINE to "no" in Vectors

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Issue #639 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

Most of the machines supported by SimFactory that use the Intel compiler have to set this to "no" to avoid the compiler running out of memory when compiling ML_BSSN. We choose "no" as the default now to avoid problems for users of machines not supported in SimFactory.

OK to commit for the release?


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    We should ensure that this change of the default behaviour does not impact existing configurations. In many cases, existing configuration were hand-tuned for performance, or were designed according to similar configurations, and this work should not be undone by changing a default.

    In other words: This patch is okay to apply if corresponding VECTORISE_INLINE=yes statements are added to those configurations which don't set this option at the moment, in particular for those configurations that do not use the Intel compiler. (If a configuration uses the Intel compiler, then it is a judgement call whether it should be changed without testing.)

    On another note, machines not supported by Simfactory would probably not use vectorisation unless the user explicitly sets this, probably by copying from another configuration.

  2. Ian Hinder reporter
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    I changed all optionlists which used the default to explicitly specify VECTORISE_INLINE=yes in r1488 on 19-Oct:

    Set VECTORISE_INLINE = yes for all optionlists that do not set it already

    This corresponds to the current default in LSUThorns/Vectors. This default is about to be changed, and setting the variable in the optionlists means that changing the default should have no effect for machines in SimFactory.

    Hence, as far as simfactory is concerned, the change in the default of this variable is a null operation.

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