Create a CACTUS_EXE_DIR variable

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Bruno Mundim created an issue

CACTUS_CONFIGS_DIR allows us to have the configs directory outside the Cactus tree (please see ticket #652). I suggest to create a similar variable for the executables, a CACTUS_EXE_DIR variable. It would work in the direction of separating source code from generated executables, objects, libraries, etc...


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  1. Roland Haas
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    This apparenetly was always possible. The -config option takes and option EXEDIR which lets you do just that. Ie:

    make sim-config EXEDIR=/tmp

    will put the executables into /tmp. EXEDIR can also be used in an option list file.

    It is documented in the UserGuide:

    This has existed (at least) since git hash 5e6ac9bd "Add an exe dir, has compilation option EXEDIR" of cactus from Wed Jul 28 09:46:20 1999 +0000.

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