Problems to checkout carpet (maxwell release) on ranger

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Issue #657 closed
Bruno Mundim created an issue


I am facing a problem to checkout carpet on ranger:

Warning: Could not checkout Carpet/doc, unable to switch to branch ET_2011_10. Any existing symlinks to Carpet/doc will be broken.

this has repeated over different days and times. I am wondering if GetComponents is using a particular mercurial option that it is not present in the version installed on ranger, the 0.9.5 one, in order to switch mercurial branches. Please let me know if you face the same problem.



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  1. Eric Seidel
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    Mercurial 0.9.5 is very old, I don't think I've ever used a pre-1.0 version.. Surely ranger has a newer version available, could you try activating it and let me know if you still have issues? If so, please attach the output of running GetComponents in verbose mode.



  2. Bruno Mundim reporter
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    I filed a ticket on Ranger to update mercurial version there. We should all do the same for the other machines we have access. Anyway, I will wait for their response and get back to you soon.

  3. Bruno Mundim reporter
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    Yes! Sorry I forgot to report back. Mercurial's version on Ranger is now 1.2.1. I am closing this ticket then.

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