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Ian Hinder created an issue

It would be good to have a "home page" on the web for each important component in the ET. Components such as Cactus, Carpet, and Kranc have home pages already. We could host pages for the major thorns, linking to the documentation and the SVN repo. This is somewhat already accomplished by having the ET thorn guide available, but links to sections of this change when it is regenerated, and it is not very user-friendly.

These pages could contain the information from the thorn README files (which should be kept up-to-date), and this could be the starting point. We could write the README files in a markdown language such as ReST, which is already human-readable in a text editor, and then use an automated tool such as Sphinx or rst2html to convert these to HTML for the web. Information on a homepage could include:

  • Author list and copyright;
  • Licence;
  • Brief description of what the thorn does;
  • Permanent link to the documentation (thorn-doc);
  • Instructions for checking out the thorn (svn);
  • Link to open tickets relating to this component (those with the component name in the keywords, for those that don't have a TRAC component assigned).

Components such as McLachlan, TwoPunctures, WeylScal4 and GRHydro would be some good initial candidates for having pages describing them. It would be good if there was a web presence for ET thorns, so that Google searches might find them.


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