IOHDF5::out3D_ghosts and friends doesn't work and corrupts 2D data slices

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Issue #66 closed
Bruno Mundim created an issue

While the assigned values for the parameters

IOASCII::output_symmetry_points = "no" IOASCII::out3D_ghosts = "no" IOASCII::out3D_outer_ghosts = "no"

work as intended when CarpetIOASCII is active, it doesn't work for CarpetIOHDF5:

IOHDF5::out3D_ghosts = "no" IOHDF5::out3D_outer_ghosts = "no" IOHDF5::output_symmetry_points = "no"

It doesn't do anything to the 3D data but it corrupts the 2D data slices while chopping out those regions. It would be nice to have them working for IOHDF5 method, specially when visualising Pi symmetric data.

Note also that this report is for git version of Carpet. These parameters seem to become deprecated for the hg version. Does anyone use them regularly? Any substitute in mind?


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    In the HG version, the following parameters:

    IOHDF5::output_symmetry_points IOHDF5::output_ghost_points IOHDF5::output_boundary_points IOHDF5::output_buffer_points

    work ''only'' on the sliced output - i.e. 1D and 2D. They are not yet implemented for 3D. The parameters

    IOHDF5::out3D_ghosts IOHDF5::out3D_outer_ghosts

    are deprecated and should not be used.

  2. Roland Haas
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    The output_XXX ones work for out3d_vars (the "sliced" 3d output), they do not work for the legacy out_vars 3d output as you correclty point out. The former should produce identical output for grid functions (and maybe scalar and arrays though that is much less well tested). Its code cannot be used for checkpointing though which is why the old legacy code is still in (and I don't fully trust the new 3D code yet since it has not been active for very long).

  3. Roland Haas
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    I am proposing to close with "wontfix" since the sliced 3d output offers that missing functionality. Any objections?

  4. Roland Haas
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    There were no objections.

    Equivalent functionality is offered by the sliced 3d output. Bugs in that implementation are a the subject of #625.

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