Cleanup in script

Issue #685 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

Some cleanup: Use my, use better variable names, re-indent.


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  1. Bruno Mundim
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    This patch clean-up in several different ways: rename scalar variables to improve readability, get rid of temporary variable, apply proper variable scoping, reorder script execution. I looked carefully into this patch and have only two minor comments (that can be addressed after applying this patch):

    1) In the original file there was not prepending of #include as it shows now on line 104 of the patched file:

    1. Prepend #include $inc =~ s/^(.*)/#include $1/gm; $incs .= $inc;

    Was this intentional?

    2) Fix typo on line 110: # These string --> # These strings

    Other than that the patch looks good and improves readability of the script. Please apply!

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