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Issue #701 closed
Barry Wardell created an issue

Attached are a series of patches for WeylScal4 which:

  • Enable vectorisation
  • Enable LoopControl
  • Enable multipatch support
  • Add support fo calculating invariants

I have tested and been using these quite extensively for the past while. However, in preparing the patches, I had to rebase on top of recent changes so the exact code produced by applying them has not yet been tested.


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    It wasn't clear if you had tested the final version - do the WeylScal4 test suites still pass for that?

  2. Barry Wardell reporter
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    I hadn't yet run the testsuites when I posted the patches, but have now done so (after also regenerating the code) and they still pass. I don't think I currently have commit access to this repository, but will request it and then commit the patches if you approve, excluding 0006 which is no loger necessary after svn revision 89.

  3. Frank Löffler
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    Patches 0005 0009 and 0010 could not be applied. They fail. Patch 0006 was not included by request. All other patches are applied now.

  4. Barry Wardell reporter
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    Attached are rebased versions of 0005, 0009 and 0010 which apply cleanly. Note that after these patches the code must also be regenerated. Also note that there is a full commit message already included in each patch.

  5. Barry Wardell reporter
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    I don't have commit access for this repository, so can someone please commit the three remaining patches and also regenerate the code?

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