Can't stop / cleanup simulations that run without a queueing system

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Issue #710 new
Erik Schnetter created an issue

For example, simulations running on workstations are affected.


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  1. Barry Wardell
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    I think this is supposed to work, but it doesn't work for me either. I looked into it before and I think the problem seemed to be that the PID recorded by SimFactory is that of the submit script rather than that of the run script. I wasn't able to find a straightforward way to fix this at the time.

  2. Erik Schnetter reporter
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    All the run scripts that don't use a queuing system are very similar, and very simplistic. One way of correcting this is to implement a "pseudo-qsub" in a script (stored with Simfactory) that we call, and which prints the pid to the screen, so that the mdb entry filtering out the job id (pid) would also need to be updated.

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