Delete config-info before reconfiguring with an option list

Issue #718 wontfix
Erik Schnetter created an issue

The file config-info contains information about how the current configuration was configured. When re-configuring with a new option list, this file should be deleted, so that no information from the previous configuration can survive accidentally.


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  1. Roland Haas
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    Removing config-info when running make sim-config options=OptionList is not required as the Cactus build system does not look at it. No such reading was observed in the past. Any read from it would be a bug in Cactus that should be fixed in Cactus and not by patching around it in simfactory.

  2. Erik Schnetter reporter

    Are you sure that “config-info” is not looked at? I think there is a routine “ParseConfigInfo” that is run before configuring, and the options set there can be overwritten by the option list. If options are auto-detected and not explicitly set in the option list, then the value stored in “config-info” will remain, and the respective value will not be auto-detected.

  3. Roland Haas

    That would be bad. I gave this a try right now and as far as I can tell that is not happening.

    I copied my existing config-info to the Cactus root (ie out of its normal place) then modified it by removing CFLAGS and after running make sim-config options=foo.cfg the newly written config-info no longer has a CFLAGS setting (which was still present in configs/sim/config-info when I ran make sim-config.

    ParseConfigInfo is in CSTUtil which is part of CST and later than sim-config which instead runs lib/make/ In there config-info is populated with data from the subroutine SetConfigureEnv whose $config_file is the argument to options= passed to make. The Per script completely overwrites config-info, never reading from it. The CST and later parts then read in config-info.

    Note that sim-reconfig does read from config-info but simfactory's --reconfig option to build calls sim-config and not sim-reconfig.

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