GetComponents misplace ML_BSSN_Test repo

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Issue #72 closed
Bruno Mundim created an issue


I just ran the following to get my thornlist updated:

./GetComponents --root ET_2010_11 -a -u

and despite GetComponents returning successful:

0 components checked out successfully. 164 components updated successfully.

it checked out ML_BSSN_Test again and misplaced it at the same level as the $ROOT directory:

ls ET_2010_11 GetComponents ML_BSSN_Test

Thanks, Bruno.


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  1. Eric Seidel
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    Are you sure you didn't use the experimental parallel checkout (-p)? I have seen this occur with parallel checkout/update, but never with a serial checkout.

  2. Bruno Mundim reporter
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    Yes, I am sure there was no -p flag. I just ran this on bluedrop:

    ./GetComponents --root ET_2010_11 -a -u

    and saw this problem. What it is strange is that it doesn't happen always and not always with the same thorn.

    Thanks, Bruno.

  3. anonymous
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    This happened to me as well, also without -p. I assume that GetComponents uses "cd" internally, some operation goes wrong (e.g. a network error), GetComponents aborts, but doesn't cd back to where it started from, and then continues to check out into the wrong directory.

  4. Eric Seidel
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    I have significantly revised the way GetComponents handles "cd" internally, so this should no longer be an issue. Please reopen the ticket if you continue to have these issues.

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