Carpet commit c8eecbe1968f breaks gcc compilation

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Issue #740 closed
Tanja Bode created an issue

I get the following fatal error when compiling the latest development ET, fresh checkout, with gcc 4.6.

   COMPILING .../CarpetLib/src/
   .../CarpetLib/src/ In function 'MPI_Datatype mpi_datatype(const slab<T, D>&) [with T = int, int D = 3, MPI_Datatype = int]':
   .../CarpetLib/src/gdata.hh:42:43:   instantiated from here
   .../CarpetLib/src/ error: uninitialized const 's' [-fpermissive]
   .../CarpetLib/src/gdata.hh:27:8: note: 'const struct slab<int, 3>' has no user-provided default constructor

I tracked it down to Carpet commit c8eecbe1968f (11. Jan). Is somebody hiding a patch with a constructor or is there another fix?


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  1. Roland Haas
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    you need a constructor in 'struct slab'. An empty one will do. I'll commit a patch (had already written it for myself)...

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