Define API for finding out which MPI processes share a host

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Issue #744 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

This API could be a flesh API, provided by the driver, or could be implemented via aliased functions.

For example:

int CCTK_nHosts(cGH) int CCTK_MyHost(cGH)

Probably also functions for mapping:

process <-> (host, hostprocess) host -> (list of processes)


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  1. Jian Tao
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    I didn't know that a ticket had been created already. :) Ian encouraged me to post to the list and create a ticket.

    Just for references:

    return a unique id for the local host; int CCTK_MyHost(cGH *cctkGH);

    return total number of nodes; int CCTK_nHosts(cGH *cctkGH);

    return number of mpi processes on a given host int CCTK_nProcsOnHost(const int host);

    return a list of process on a given host void CCTK_ProcsOnHost(const int host, int *procs);

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