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Roland Haas created an issue

I have a number of svn repositories that are each wrapped within a git-svn checkout (to more easily handle local modifications). It would be nice to have GetComponents handle these for me in the same way it already handles svn and git repositories. With git-svn checkouts are `git svn clone URL DIR`, updates are `git svn rebase`, diff is `git diff remotes/git-svn` and local changes have to be stashed the way they are with git.


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    We have git-svn mirrors on Most of the time spent checking out a new git-svn repository is taken by calling svn once per revision to download the history. We could accelerate this process when using GetComponents by checking to see if there is a mirror available and using that if it is. The final stage would always be a "git svn rebase" in case the mirror was not fully up-to-date.

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