LSUThorns/Vectors/src doesn't compile with "REAL_PRECISION = 4"

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Issue #763 closed
Jian Tao created an issue

COMPILING /home/jtao/workspace/CactusDev/Cactus/arrangements/LSUThorns/Vectors/src/ /home/jtao/workspace/CactusDev/Cactus/configs/ml/build/Vectors/ error: macro "vec4_store_nta_partial" requires 5 arguments, but only 2 given /home/jtao/workspace/CactusDev/Cactus/configs/ml/build/Vectors/ In function ‘void Vectors_Test(cGH*)’: /home/jtao/workspace/CactusDev/Cactus/configs/ml/build/Vectors/ error: ‘vec4_store_partial_prepare’ was not declared in this scope In file included from /home/jtao/workspace/CactusDev/Cactus/configs/ml/build/Vectors/ /home/jtao/workspace/CactusDev/Cactus/arrangements/LSUThorns/Vectors/src/vectors.h:65:37: error: ‘vec4_store_nta_partial’ was not declared in this scope


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    This works for me.

    Are you using the development version of Vectors? Is your checkout up to date?

  2. Barry Wardell
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    It sounds like the problem is that Jian is using the non-SSE version of the single precision vectors code which is in vectors-4-default.h. This is indeed missing some code which was added recently for other architectures. The attached patch adds this missing code.

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