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Frank Löffler created an issue

It might be good to install at least one GUI editor. It should be simple (no gvim or xemacs), but it should also not be too large in terms of disk space (although that is secondary).

What are suggestions? I have:

nedit (small) gedit (larger due to dependencies)


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  1. Frank Löffler reporter
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    add 'cream' to the list (with dependencies in the VM 17MB, although that gives you gvim for free)

  2. Roland Haas
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    To consolidate the discussion (not sure if we really need one, just any odd easy to learn editor should be ok) would scite (2MB extra disk space) which comes with little extra baggage.

  3. anonymous
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    I've installed these and will release with my updates.

    Anything of this size should be fine to install. I'm scanning the output of a dpkg-query to remove large packages (e.g. the 30MB gnome-user-guide, the largest discounting the kernel itself) to make more room. 2-17 MB is small compared to Cactus, though; as long as I efficiently compress it we should have room for small packages like these.

  4. anonymous
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    Roland and Frank, I remember you both made suggestions to install Eclipse/Mojave. I'd be more than happy to do so; but would we then want to have an Eclipse/Mojave tutorial? I could give one, but Hari would be the ideal candidate (he's coming, too).

    I'm a little concerned about the size (180MB) and the performance requirements in conjunction with the ETK, as Eclipse itself is resource-intensive.

  5. Roland Haas
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    I have no plans to use Mojave. I only noticed that the old Cactus tutorial used it. I would rather not run a large IDE in the VM if I can avoid it.

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