Unable to do remote submission without configuring your local machine

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Ian Hinder created an issue

If you want to store your source tree locally (a good idea) but run on several remote machines (very common), it is still necessary to create a machine.ini file for your local machine and fill it with a lot of irrelevant information. The only information that should be required is the source base dir to locate the directory to sync.


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    This isn't going to be able to be fixed, but I've made several commands in order to make this less onerous.

    'sim setup' will initiate an interactive setup that prompts for the barebones configuration necessary to get started. It creates the required mdb entry for the local machine based upon etc/mdb/generic.ini. If you don't want to do it interactively, you can type

    'sim setup-silent' and pass the following options:

    --setup-user --setup-email --setup-sourcebasedir

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