Add CactusExamples to Einstein Toolkit

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Issue #809 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

I notice that the CactusExample thorns are not part of the Einstein Toolkit


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  1. Bruno Mundim
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    So far, I couldn't check out CactusExamples/AdvectionToy. I will test them all anyway and report back later. Thanks.

  2. Ian Hinder

    Since we are in soft freeze for this release, it is too late to include these in the release. There is no urgency for this; they can go in after the release.

  3. anonymous
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    Isn't now a good time to add these thorns to einsteintoolkit (if we still decide to do so)? The only issue I encountered compiling a new configuration today was an undefined reference to CCTK_GroupStaggerIndexGI at CactusExamples/SampleBoundary/src/LinearExtrapBnd.c, line 203.

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