tensorspecial for ML_BSSN::phi is not set

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Issue #812 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

if I am not mistaken then the default parameters (conformalMethod == 0) make phi = ln(gamma)/12 a tensor density of type tensorspecial == "log" and weight 1/6. The weight is in the code, the special is missing. This of course breaks once one sets conformalMethod == 1 and actually re-interprets phi as W.

Fix in the Mathematica script would seem to add

SetTensorAttribute[phi, TensorSpecial, "log"];

and to define a new grid function W with the proper type for the coformal case. Only should affect multipatch runs.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    This attribute is only relevant if the BSSN variables are stored in patch-local coordinates. This is typically not the case, so this change would have no impact.

    Adding a new variable would increase memory requirements. To make this feasible, there should also be a way to tell Kranc to not allocate storage for phi/W if unused.

  2. Roland Haas reporter
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    Indeed (Christian Reisswig also kindly pointed this out to me). I'll close the ticket.

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