num-threads set in the machine files is never used as default value

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Issue #828 closed
anonymous created an issue

If I set in a mdb/machine ini file

num-threads = xx

this value is never used e.g. as @NUM_THREADS@ in a SubmitScript or a RunScript, if --num-threads is not set on the command line. Instead of this, always a value of 1 is used as default.

Of course this might make sense, if we want to set no OpenMP as default, but then is does ot make sense to set num-threads to a value different of 1 in the machines ini file, or even more, it does not make sense to set num-threads to anything in the machines ini files.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    The ini files contain not only information that is directly used, but also provide a generic description of the systems. In this case, num-threads is "a good number of threads to use" on the particular system. For example, a tool may want to query or display this information, e.g. to run benchmarks on a system.

    Also, the current version of Simfactory does use OpenMP by default, and does use this MDB entry by default.

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