Ability to specify single variables in SYNC, not just groups

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Frank Löffler created an issue

It is sometimes desirable to be able to specify single variables within SYNC statements instead of only groups of variables, as this currently forces a certain pattern of how to group variables.

The argument that multiple variables are best synced together should not really hold: Cactus accumulates the list of variables to be synced anyway.


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  1. Roland Haas
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    I would rather not do this. A SYNC has to go along with applying boundary conditions. Among those are the RotatingSymmetryX conditions which must be applied to the whole group of variables making up the tensor components (since data moves between the group members) and cannot be applied to an individual variable.

    The only place where applying a SYNC to a single variable in a group is permissible would be groups of scalar variables, which the RotatingSymmetry thorns support as a legacy functionality.

    Rather than encourage such behaviour I would rather use the fact that only groups can have b/c applied to them as a stick to make people put each physical variable into its own group.

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