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Ian Hinder created an issue

There should be documentation for the McLachlan arrangement. There is currently documentation at but this is mostly installation instructions, which is not relevant for most users of the ET. This documentation is not built as part of the normal documentation build process.

  1. Add standard Cactus arrangement documentation;
  2. Transfer relevant information from mclachlan.tex;
  3. We should probably follow the usual thorn documentation template for this arrangement documentation, simultaneously describing all the thorns. We should explain precisely what formulation is evolved (possibly by reference to the .m file, but it would be nice for users not to have to browse through source code).


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  1. Peter Diener

    I may have something that can be adapted to become part of the documentation. In particular I remember writing down a description of the gauge parameter choices. I’ll see what I can do about digging this out and adapting it.

  2. Zach Etienne

    Trying to adjust the Gamma-driving shift eta parameter is not straightforward. (I’m using the 2nd-order version.) I’ve only figured it out in the past by reading the ML_BSSN source code. Documenting this would be very much appreciated.

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