RotatingSymmetry90 lacks ManualCartesian tensor type support

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Issue #884 closed
Tanja Bode created an issue

RotatingSymmetry90 currently doesn't process the ManualCartesian tensor type. Since WeylScal4 now has more than Psi4, this means WeylScal4 and RotatingSymmetry90 can't both be active. Does anyone have a patch lying around adding ManualCartesian support to RotatingSymmetry90 they wish to contribute? If not, I'll see to writing a patch.


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    I assume nobody has such a patch. What happens when you enable WeylScal4 and RotatingSymmetry90? If it aborts with a sensible error message, then I propose that the ticket milestone be changed to the next release. If it silently gives wrong results, then I propose that it should instead abort with a sensible error message, since we are too close to the release to implement and solidly test a fix.

  2. Tanja Bode reporter

    Runs abort with an error saying invalid tensortypealias for Psi1i. I haven't gotten around to a patch, so I'm changing the milestone to the next release.

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