PITTNullCode does not work with Devel AEILocalInterp

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Issue #895 closed
Yosef Zlochower created an issue

The CCE testsuite fails in the development version of ET. The interpolation calls in NullNews fail with the error WARNING[L1,P0] (AEILocalInterp): CCTK_InterpLocalUniform(): input datatype 111 not supported! (0-origin) input #in=0

The interpolation call is for a variable of type CCTK_VARIABLE_COMPLEX.

The call works with the Maxwell version of AEILocalInterp

Keyword: CCE
Keyword: complex
Keyword: interpolation

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  1. anonymous
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    Replying to [comment:2 eschnett]:

    Is this still a problem?

    This was a duplicate of #873. It was fixed.

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