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Issue #916 closed
Steven R. Brandt created an issue

Files as simple as !DEFINE ROOT = Cactus !DEFINE ARR = $ROOT/arrangements

Cactus Flesh

!TARGET = $ROOT !TYPE = svn !AUTH_URL = !URL = !CHECKOUT = Cactus !NAME = .

fail because of trailing whitespace. In particular, all the whitespace on lines following the !NAME line get absorbed so that . becomes .+ws (where ws contains spaces and newlines). This affects the main ET checkout.

Patch: 397a398,400

    for my $pairs (@pairs) {
        $pairs =~ s/\s+$//;


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  1. Frank Löffler
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    This would remove the ability to have spaces at the end of string - but I think we can live with that. Can please someone else also give his/her ok?

  2. Roland Haas
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    Ok to apply. I cannot think of a reason why one would want to have a space at the end of a string that is used for a filename or directory name.

    The pasted code (or at least what makes it into the html) seems to have a syntax error though. My perl complains unless I use:

    for my $pairs (@pairs) { $pairs =~ s/\s+$; }

  3. Steven R. Brandt reporter
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    What you have is correct, Roland. It's also what I have. Not sure why copying it and pasting it from my script into Trac produced the syntax error.

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