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Issue #934 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

When I try to check out the release branch of the ET, GetComponents fails for all git repositories, and only for these. It appears that these repositories are checked out, but are on their master branch, and GetComponents cannot switch to the release branch. These repositories are then renamed, e.g. to "CRL.branch.failed".

The error messages (taken from crl.log) are:

May 29 11:05:08 2012:   Could not checkout EinsteinExact/doc, unable to switch to branch ET_2012_05. Any existing symlinks to EinsteinExact/doc will be broken
May 29 11:08:05 2012:   Could not checkout KrancNumericalTools/GenericFD, unable to switch to branch ET_2012_05. Any existing symlinks to KrancNumericalTools/GenericFD will be broken
May 29 11:08:11 2012:   Could not checkout McLachlan/doc, unable to switch to branch ET_2012_05. Any existing symlinks to McLachlan/doc will be broken
May 29 11:09:47 2012:   Could not checkout GetComponents, unable to switch to branch ET_2012_05. Any existing symlinks to GetComponents will be broken
May 29 11:09:47 2012:   4 errors occurred during update from thornlist(s):

This is on Mac OSX. I am using git version I obtain GetComponents via

wget --no-check-certificate

and run it as

./GetComponents -a


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  1. anonymous
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    Just noting that everything works with older versions of git, e.g. 'my' or Something must have changed in git. (knarf)

  2. Erik Schnetter reporter
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    A work-around is to add the option "--noshallow" to GetComponents.

    This should be made the default, and backported to the release branch.

    I updated the wiki. If the default is changed, the wiki should be updated again.

  3. Roland Haas
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    Replying to [comment:6 eschnett]:

    I updated the wiki.

    I reverted the wiki. Sorry, the change of default of GetComponents happened only in trunk but not in Lovelace. If we want to change the new user tutorial we'd have to apply the fix (defaults for anonymous and noshallow to Localace).

  4. Roland Haas
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    Fine with me. All patches (6160341f02efce4b9c1e50b101e7684605a1c84a, ebac0521d0ffe240f86f17bd1febb792cd348784 and 68cf0a5b0483d771390aab0f5e110d2be8d18a8d which is a bugfix on shallow) apply cleanly on top of Lovelace.

    Since this is the released version, is there a special procedure? The patches were reviewed ok for master already.

    We could also add "-p" to the download instructions on the wiki. Mostly this is useful since it hides latency in slow svn servers (yes this means [at least] LSU servers :-) ) when accessed from eg. California or Europe.

  5. Frank Löffler
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    I agree that we should apply the patch also to lovelace, please do so. As to adding -p: I use it all the time and it seems to work, so I second that as well.

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