Automatically run (selected) testsuites after build

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Issue #947 new
Frank Löffler created an issue

It would be useful to have (selected) testsuites running automatically after a successful build with Mojave (and the result displayed), because sometimes a development workflow is: - change - build - run tests - iterate


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    This should be handled by Simfactory, which can also transfer the source tree to a remote system.

    You may want to say "sim sync && sim --remote X build && sim --remote X --testsuite".

    Simfactory also has a script "distribute" which - copies the source tree to (multiple, if desired) other machines - builds there (both debug and optimised versions) - runs the test suites (if desired) - submits a few short jobs to the queue to test queuing, recovery, presubmitting (if desired) - collects the results back to the local machine

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