SimFactory should store the optionlist used when building in the simulation directory

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Issue #984 new
Ian Hinder created an issue

SimFactory should store the optionlist used in the simulation directory


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  1. Roland Haas
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    I think Formaline is the better option for this. Having just the OptionList without the source code is not terribly useful so this feature would not be very useful in practise and would only add extra code. Formaline preserves both source code and option list already, doesn't it?

  2. Ian Hinder reporter
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    I think having the optionlist provides a lot of useful information, and is a lot easier to handle than storing the source cod (it's metadata, rather than data, in some sense). Doesn't simfactory already store it? Maybe I'm thinking of simfactory 1. People often disable formaline because it slows down building.

  3. Erik Schnetter
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    I believe the option list is already stored. Do a "find . -name OptionList -print" in the simulation directory to find it.

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