PETSc configuration on ranger doesn't find BLAS/LAPACK

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Issue #986 closed
Bruno Mundim created an issue


when building PETSc on ranger with simfactory options ranger-intel11.cfg slightly modified to install PETSc on a user defined directory (PETSC_INSTALL_DIR set), there is a complain during configuration phase about not finding BLAS/LAPACK:

PETSc: Configuring... PETSc: Could not find BLAS library -mkl PETSc: Could not find LAPACK library -mkl

At the end, the library seems to be compiled though. I am just wondering if it was linked or not to lapack/blas at some later stage by some other Cactus mechanism. Can someone with more experience with this library shed some light?


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    This is fine. Thorn PETSc mis-interprets the option "-mkl" as the name of a library, and cannot find it, and therefore ignores it. This is okay, since the actual MKL libraries are listed explicitly for PETSc's sake. (The warning comes from thorn PETSc, not from the PETSc library.)

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