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Issue #991 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

These patches contain three types of updates (sorry, I do not have feature separated ones):

  • making parameters steerable
  • respecting the truncate_files Cactus Parameter
  • a bugfix where points that were interpolated very close to the extraction world tube had very low accuracy due to a hard-coded offset (Nick Taylor and Bela Szilagyi found and fixed this)

Keyword: PITTNull
Keyword: code

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  1. anonymous
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    NullNews.patch seems to be a patch for NullSHRExtract. It also conflicts with NullSHRExtract.patch

  2. Roland Haas reporter
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    Are you sure you are looking at the newest patches? There were wrong patches in before but they were corrected today at 9AM. The NullNews one should start as:

    Index: param.ccl

    --- param.ccl (revision 9) +++ param.ccl (working copy) @@ -22,19 +22,19 @@


    -BOOLEAN first_order_scheme "should angular derviatives be reduced to first order?" +BOOLEAN first_order_scheme "should angular derviatives be reduced to first order?" STEERABLE=ALWAYS { } "yes"

    They are all to be applied in their respective thorn directory it NullNews.patch from within PITTNullCode/NullNews and not from within PITTNullCode.

  3. anonymous
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    Please commit these changes. They don't affect the testsuites and Bela found them to be essential for the correctness of the code.

    The start-up related change could be logged as

    Improve the start-up algorithm of the characteristic marching scheme from the inner boundary towards scri+.

    All other changes are related to either improving IO (will correctly truncate/create diagnostic files) or allowing for flexible tuning of IO between checkpoints/restarts (by changing the parameters into steerable ones).

  4. Roland Haas reporter
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    Thank you for the review. Yes NullVars was indeed faulty and had not been fixed. My apologies. I have applied all patches as revisions 9 of NullDecomp, 10 of NullEvolve, 10 of NullNews and 10 of NullSHRExtract,

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