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James Reynolds
Merged in lemuelf/django-registration/django_1.5_urls_defaults_deprecation_fix (pull request #4) Fix more django.conf.urls.defaults DeprecationWarning; keep Django 1.3 compatibility.
Fix more django.conf.urls.defaults DeprecationWarning; keep Django 1.3 compatibility. If the modules doesn't exist in django.conf.urls module (Django 1.3), import it from django.conf.urls.defaults; this keeps the app compatible with 1.3 (at least these parts).
missing closing parenthesis
Serafeim Papastefanos
A very minor change to remove depracation warning with django.conf.urls.defaults
fixes for 1.5, use TemplateView and the new User module.
James Bennett
Update README to describe what's going on here.
James Bennett
Added tag v0.8 for changeset 2d6fcc0c55d0
James Bennett
Update changelog.
James Bennett
Some more version requirement updates.
James Bennett
Update the version requirement in docs.
James Bennett
Start updating for 0.8 release.
James Bennett
Fix problems that can occur with legacy sites that already have multiple case-insensitive variations of a username.
James Bennett
Merged in apollo13/django-registration (pull request #18)
Florian Apolloner
Add support for timezones in Django1.4
James Bennett
Merged in buddelkiste/django-registration (pull request #17)
Tobias Berling
Fixed DeprecationWarning for sha by replacing it with hashlib
James Bennett
Duncan Parkes
Update test with new error message.
Duncan Parkes
Reflect new regular expression in the error message. (The text of this error message is copied from django.contrib.auth.forms)
James Bennett
Merged in afgane/django-registration (pull request #15)
Add Croatian (hr) translation
James Bennett
Merged in friedcell/django-registration (pull request #7)
Marko Mrdjenovic
Another fixed typo
Marko Mrdjenovic
Updated Slovenian translation.
James Bennett
Merged in dgrinberg/django-registration (pull request #13)
RegistrationProfile actually deletes a profile and not only user in delete_expired_users in it's manager, as documented
James Bennett
Merged in mmbrian/django-registration (pull request #9)
added Persian translation
added Persian translation
Nico den Boer
Added Czech translation
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